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“What America is at Fault”

                            What in the world is he saying.  What people don’t understand is Russia is a Muslim country.  

                             As a Muslim country,  like most other Muslim countries, respect strength.  

                             How can a truthful man speak the truth with all this.  

                             Like most socialist liberal Americans, they will not take responsibility for their mistakes.

                            What mistake am I talking about? America elected a president that was a sniveling coward , such as Barrack H Obama.  

                             He spent most of his time apologizing for America!  His showing his weakness showed the rest of the world that America is weak.

                             In that respect it is partly our fault, Obama let the rest of the world that they can get away with murder and, they did.  

                             As I said before, Barrack Obama would not make a pimple on a good leaders ass.

                            He lulled the rest of the world into in a faults since of strength.  

                            So in that respect,  it is America’s fault. The left will not admit that Obama was weak.

                            This is, what I believe what President Trump was talking about.  

                             As far as I’m concerned, how can you brag about your intellegence agencies when they hold back information from the President.  

                             Such as where is the Hillary’s private server and the 33,000 emails.  

                             How can a President trust the CIA when not long ago they where wire tapping Americans namely senators.  

                            So tell me about confidence our President should have in the intelligence agencies.  



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