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“Want To hear A Joke?”

              A Rabi and, a priest walks into a bar?  No that’s not the joke!  Do you remember Ralm Emmanuel (probably misspelled).

               The ex-Obama attorney General,  who is now the mayor of Chicago thinks he has the authority to ban the President of the United States from Chicago!  

                Yes, after the President did away with the DACA illegal executive order,  the dummy in Chicago has banned President Donald Trump from entering Chicago.  

                 I really think the Liberals have went off the deep end.  

                 The other night Tucker Carlson had a Californian on his show by the name of Shankar Singam ,a Calexit supporter, says California is not a part of the U.S.

                  He states we have our own laws and, do not have to follow the laws of the United States.

                 We do what’s best for California and, don’t care about what the United States has to say. Drug laws and, sanctuary cities.  

                 This is Chicago and, California flipping the bird to the United States of America!