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“Socialism vs CAPITALISM “

               So you say you want the country to go to socialism?  That’s a big step!  Well first thing you should do before you vote that way is get more information.  

                Now I’m a confirmed capitalist conservative so it would do you no good to ask me cause I’m bias.    

               Don’t ask a Democrat cause they are bias against capitalism.

                I will volunteer information I have gained through experience I have through my association with socialist countries.

                Russia is still suffering from the Soviet Union withdrawal but, it is still a Socialist country.  

                Why do you think Putin wins elections over and, over again, cause of his popularity?

                 I have witnessed the torture of women and, children through the hand of a Socialist government.  

                  I spent 3 years on the East German border, which was ruled by the iron hand of the “Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic”.

                  I also spent 1 year in South Korea on the DMZ bordering the Communist country of “North Korea “.  

                 Very little difference between socialism and communism. 6 months in Greece which is a socialist country that no one talks about.

                  Remember when Greece was having financial problems and, decided to take their citizens money from their banks?

                  If you really want to know,  ask a person that grew up in a socialist country.

                 The government is not run by the people, it’s run for the people and, just like the mayor of New York City,  decides what is good for you and, what’s not.  

                 Basically the last choice you will make is your voting in a socialist leader!

                 Once you go socialism there’s no going back, remember the government will decide what’s best for you!




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