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“So You Say You Want Socialism?”

                       No matter what the socialist/Democrat Party tells you, it all ends in a Socialist Dictatorship.  

                       I will tell you this, while in the military, I was assigned to almost every socialist countries border we are at.  

                      Everyone of these units required us to read about the rise of these socialist countries.    

                      Each one of these started advertising a fairytale like life.

                      The people didn’t realize once you go to socialism there’s no turning back.

                      These American Democratic socialist know this,  once they get power they can abolish elections.  

                       This is done by shutting down the free press by making up lies about them and, controlling the other.

                       Then they can make up lies like they are doing now about President Trump.

                       Only then they can make it to where they can make up news so the President can call marshal law.

                       This is the only way the President can abolish elections.

                       Ask the people of:  Russia, N. Korea, Cuba, Iran and, China their opinions of socialism.  

                      “Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic”  (USSR).

                      Ask them if they are not in their country though, cause they have lost their freedom of speech, what they think of socialism. 




  1. By the way there’s three classes in capitalism, only two in socialism . The leadership and, the worker class.

  2. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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