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“Sam Adams Beer”

                           The socialist Democrats are boycotting Sam Adams Beer.  

                            They are sayings because the owner openly supports the President.  

                            This has the same look and, feel like when the Socialist boycotted businesses in Wisconsin when they shouted at schoolchildren.

                             Because they where singing the National Anthem, at their state house.

                             It also has a feel like what the NAZI’s did to the Jews.  

                             Your know Sam Adams could not have created a better advertisement then  this.

                             I’m normally a Bud drinker but, now I’m thinking about buying Sam Adams.  

                            Yes, and, I have it on video!




  1. Sam Adams is my favorite beer! Gonna buy more now!! Next thing they will say is the President is causing alcoholism!! 😂

  2. I like the comment

  3. I like the comment

  4. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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