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“Rush Limbaugh on Truth In The Press”

                            It’s not a violation of freedom of speech if you inforce it with the truth. Now who’s to say it’s the truth?  

                             Well,  Congress can pass a law if the press can back it up with at least two pieces of evidence, not hear say or, circumstantial .

                             Then it can be considered as news other then that the report should be labeled as an opinion or, editorial.

                            If the news report can’t be evidence driven and,  then if they report it as news it can be challenged in court.  

                             If they loose in court and,  if the story is about the federal government then they loose their press privileges for a month.  

                             Second and, third times will be longer!  

                             Every socialist dictator including Adolf Hitler, used the press to take over the nation.  

                             By controlling the press!  Their needs to be freedom of the press and, a definition of what is called press.



  1. I think they should have to admit at the first of each news cast how many times they were wrong. Maybe a scorecard so you know wether you can believe anything they say

  2. Awesome blog post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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