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“Repercussions “

                           In the news today was a poll that shows woman are more for Democrat socialist then Christian conservative Republicans.  

                            This may be contributed to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.  

                             While we conservatives support fighting for true victims of sexual abuse, we don’t believe professor Ford .

                              We are not so ignorant as to believe that she was not used to gain power back for the Democrats.  

                              While the Democrats nominate justice activist that legislate from the bench, Republicans do not.  

                               The socialist do not want their agenda stopped!

                                If women allow themselves to get manipulated like this enough to vote in a socialist, then they deserve the country they get.  

                                This reminds me of my ex wife.  Every time she would come to me about her kids not doing something she told them, I would discuss it with her then back her up.

                                 What would happen then is her kids would object and, then my wife would turn on me. I would wind up fighting them both.

                                  What does this have to do with it. Look at it this way, my step children as the Democrats my wife as the country I am the Republican Party fighting for her.  

                                 We will fight for you but, if you join those who fight against us, how long do we continue to fight for you.

                                 Me myself I got tired of fighting the both of them.  So in short if you vote in the social terrorist, then you deserve the country you get.

                                 Me myself I’ll wash my hands with the both of you.  




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