You know for decades and decades Conservatives have asked where are the honest politicians.    

                             I feel we now have an open and, honest government  and, WeThe People are allowing them to be mistreated by the socialist.  

                             I watch my tv as I see Sarah Sanders being escorted out of the The Red Hen restaurant because she supports the President.

                             Pam Bondi was protested outside a art show.    

                             Democrat socialist seem to always win because they are more active. (Protests).  

                              I would like to see the conservative side start protesting these socialist politicians.  

                              Like Maxenne Waters, Nancy Pelosi and, all the other dictatorial socialist.

                              We ask these Senators and, Congressmen to fight for us in Washington and, what do we do , hide in the shadows?

                               I am a 100% disabled veteran, I spent 14 years in the Army till my discharge.

                                I gave what I could give but, once I got out, I had to fight the VA.

                                After ten years I sought help from my Senator.  

                                Senator James Inhof (R) , in the military I fought for my men after that my Senator fought for me.

                                Come on our President is fighting for us can’t we do the same?

                                 I’m asking my fellow patriots to go out and show your support for them.