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“Avengers, Infinity Wars”

                     This may make me sound like a conspiracy nut but, what the hell who doesn’t sound like that now a days.  

                      When your in the military some learn strategy.  After watching the above named movie. I see Hollywood’s strategy.

                      One of several ways to bring a country down is to break the spirit, backbone or,  motivation!  

                       You do that by bringing down their heroes like “Roy Rogers”, “The Lone Ranger and, Superman.  

                       That’s the older generation heroes,  

                       What about the younger generation’s like “Thor, “Iron Man”, “The Hulk” and, all the other modern day heroes.   

                          (SPOILER ALERT!).    

                        In the beginning of this movie they kill off the favorite  “The Hulk” .  

                        During this movie almost all the heroes die and, the evil enemy wins.  

                        This I feel was done on purpose to break the spirit of the “United States” youth!  

                         For those who have no one to look up to, they have their make believe hero’s but,  this movie Kills them off!

                         The evil enemy defeats the good guys.  Good America looses and, socialism wins!  No heroes to look up to,  

                          Good luck,  Marvel, in getting me to spend another minute watching anything you have to offer.  



“Political Poles”

                          Remember, a good majority of the poles are controlled and, conducted by the socialist media.  

                           These are the same poles that had a high percentage that Trump would loose the election.  

                            This  is the ploy of the Democrats to change your vote to their side it’s what they do.  

                            So don’t believe the poles, they will stop at nothing to regain power.



“Google, Apple and, This Blog By Godaddy”

                           To add Facebook and, Twitter on to the title would be to long. The bias of the internet.    

                              Since my WiFi went down I’ve had to depend on my Apple iPad to post on my blog.

                              Apple uses the Safari browser, Well I went through safari to go to godaddy to log in.  

                             It worked for a while but, all of a sudden it stopped.  

                            Talking to a technician he explained that Apple and, google don’t get along.  

                            Godaddy is sponsored by google so because of this ,  I could no longer go to my blog,  I had to go through yahoo.

                            I do not use Twitter very much but,  I do post a lot of what I say here on Facebook.  

                             My  friends on Facebook, ask me where is my share button?  I said maybe I’m blocked.

                             Facebook placed a notice and, said it’s probably my privacy settings, I checked and, it wasn’t.

                             So if you go to my page on Facebook you can’t share pro Trump or,  conservative posts at least not mine.

                            I do not like using google because, it’s been on the news that google is going towards China.  

                            Not cooperating with the US.  



“Socialist Media, The USSR and, The NAZI Party”

                           What does the left wing media have in common with the USSR and, the NAZI party.  

                             If you read the history (written before 1980) of how the soviets and, the NAZI Party came to power you’ll find they first gained control of the media.  

                            Adolf  Hitler had a belief, “If you tell a lie long enough, no matter how big, people will start to believe it”.  



“Midterm Voting”

                           I don’t know about anybody else but, I’m voting against the incumbents in the Republican Party.  

                            My reasons are the Republican Congress have not supported the President that I helped to vote into office.

                            Let’s face it we don’t need a king but, I did vote for the things that President Trump was for.  

                            The Socialist Democrats block anything that the President is for

                            So, as long as the Republicans do not help him with the wall and, not Going after Hillary,  I will vote against the incumbent.  

                            This midterm election has never been so important, Democrats get control of the US House, President Trump will be impeached.

                             There will be not be a better time to keep this country from falling into socialism.  



“Liberals In Action”

                         I have been accused of prejudice, in the military and, it took all my men standing up against him to reverse it.

                          When, I was a toll collector supervisor , I was accused of being prejudice by another supervisor who was Latino.  

                          Because I refused to recommend a new Latino woman for hiring.

                         Just because, it’s a toll collectors job to give out directions and, she could not speak a word of English.  Or understand it either.

                          If you are an American and, want a secure country ie. the border wall.

                          If you tell a liberal you want the border wall, right away you are a bigot and, are prejudice.  

                           I am Native American, Social security calls me “A Native American, Naturalized Citizen”  



“Sam Adams Beer”

                           The socialist Democrats are boycotting Sam Adams Beer.  

                            They are sayings because the owner openly supports the President.  

                            This has the same look and, feel like when the Socialist boycotted businesses in Wisconsin when they shouted at schoolchildren.

                             Because they where singing the National Anthem, at their state house.

                             It also has a feel like what the NAZI’s did to the Jews.  

                             Your know Sam Adams could not have created a better advertisement then  this.

                             I’m normally a Bud drinker but, now I’m thinking about buying Sam Adams.  

                            Yes, and, I have it on video!



“Death Of A Nation”

                            These Conservatives and Liberals are always blaming each other as being bigots.  

                              Prejudice,  I am one who saw bigots first hand before they started blaming Republicans.

                              Part of my life was spent in the projects of Louisville, KY.  (Low income housing)

                              So I saw first hand the bigotry of whites versus blacks. The abuse toward any and, all African Americans was pitiful.  

                             So if you want to see what political party that was truly prejudice find a theater that is showing “Death of A Nation “.  

                            You will see what I saw in the sixties and, seventies.  

                            Are you afraid to see it because,  if your a Democrat it shows how wrong your party is!  



“The Nancy Pelosi Remerance”

                         Let’s see there are so many!  While George W.Bush was President,  Nancy (dumb-ass) Pelosi went to Syria and, Lebanon to undermine the President’s authority.

                         It was this shrill speaking Democratic majority leader that halted the progress of Congress.  

                        This almost Socialist, blankety, blank woman is the one that,  after the Obama care bill was passed, walked down the steps of Congress smiling with a gavel in her hands to brag about the passing.  

                        Do we remember this?

                        The Democrats are going to, what has always been their secret agenda, socialism.

                        That’s the reason why they are against her she is not socialist enough.



“Top Secret Security Clearances “

                   I’ve had a confidential clearance, a Secret Clearance and, a Top Secret clearance.

                     What people don’t know is when you get a clearance you get what is known as “Read in” 

                      The grantor has the recipient sign a non disclosure agreement which says if you divulge any information gained by your clearance you can receive 20 years in prison and, a $5,000 fine.

                      Then while you have a clearance you have what is called “ A Need To Know” .  

                      In other words if you don’t have a need to know it’s just like having no clearance at all.

                      I still have a Top Secret Clearance but, I have been read out and,  signed a non disclosure agreement.  

                     While my Top Secret Clearance was active, I was guided by my need to know!

                     So the clearances are guided by the granting authority.  

                     The only reason why Branan or, Clapper would need a clearance is one,  if he was using his clearance to gain a back door to gain information.

                     Research for a book deal is another reason but, this is placing their pocket book ahead of the good of their country.

                    Also,  to be able to sell him or, herself to a commercial company.

                    All of which are against the law.  The giving of information is guided by the authorities that granted the clearance.




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