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“Kavanaugh Law”

                        I am a 65 year old male, have been lied too, by women all my life. I choose to live alone.

                         I would rather live alone then live with someone I can not trust!  People ask me all the time “Don’t you ever get lonely?”

                         This is my answer, in this world with the women’s modern day morals the way they are, I choose to live by myself.

                          I have had women proposition me and, when I didn’t take them up on it they made up lies.  

                          I’ve had one wife who lied to me for 14 years. After that I had several girlfriends but,their lies came back to them.  

                          I’ve seen guys get hauled off to jail merely because the woman/girlfriend/wife did not want him around.  

                         All it takes is one phone call to the police and, there are 10 squad cars at the door. The woman is always right.

                         Sorry no thank you!  That’s why they need to pass the Kavanaugh Law to equal the value of a mans word.

                         Right now, the value of a woman’s word is more valuable then a mans!  



“Socialism vs CAPITALISM “

               So you say you want the country to go to socialism?  That’s a big step!  Well first thing you should do before you vote that way is get more information.  

                Now I’m a confirmed capitalist conservative so it would do you no good to ask me cause I’m bias.    

               Don’t ask a Democrat cause they are bias against capitalism.

                I will volunteer information I have gained through experience I have through my association with socialist countries.

                Russia is still suffering from the Soviet Union withdrawal but, it is still a Socialist country.  

                Why do you think Putin wins elections over and, over again, cause of his popularity?

                 I have witnessed the torture of women and, children through the hand of a Socialist government.  

                  I spent 3 years on the East German border, which was ruled by the iron hand of the “Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic”.

                  I also spent 1 year in South Korea on the DMZ bordering the Communist country of “North Korea “.  

                 Very little difference between socialism and communism. 6 months in Greece which is a socialist country that no one talks about.

                  Remember when Greece was having financial problems and, decided to take their citizens money from their banks?

                  If you really want to know,  ask a person that grew up in a socialist country.

                 The government is not run by the people, it’s run for the people and, just like the mayor of New York City,  decides what is good for you and, what’s not.  

                 Basically the last choice you will make is your voting in a socialist leader!

                 Once you go socialism there’s no going back, remember the government will decide what’s best for you!



“Your Choice “

              You can choose to remain a member of a terrorist organization or, switch.



“Democrat Party Terrorism or, Not?”

               On Facebook I called the Democrat Party a terrorist group.  So let me explain.  Terrorist attack their enemies several different ways.  

                They use economic war fare 9/11 was not about killing people so much as destroying the economic infrastructure of the US.  

                The World Trade Center was a symbol of the economic strength of America. Al-Quida believed if they could destroy the economic spirit of the country.  

                This is why they kept attacking it!

                Terrorist do many things to cost the US money. Just like when Obama sent millions of tax payer dollars to Iran to help them fund terrorism.

                 The Democratic Party has done many other things to cost America money, too many to list.  

                 They also use human shields to curb public opinion against their enemies.  Just like the Democrats use the news organizations to curb public opinion.

                  They also use the internet to recruit followers. They hack into our computers to gain information they can use to change the power structure.

                   Just like Sheila Jackson Lees intern did.  They also do not allow free speech if it’s against the way they think. Just like in our colleges .

                   They have in the past attacked our government facilities just like the Democrats are urging their followers to attack our politicians today.

                   One more is,  they, like the Democrats, hate Israel and, the Jewish people.  

                   So you tell me, is the Democratic Party a terrorist organization or, not. Like I say “Define Terrorism”.  



“At The Poles”

                 Since I added additional security to this site I haven’t had many readers if any but, I started out writing to myself,  I guess I can continue.  

                  I’m writing this to warn people as to what they can expect when they go to vote.  

                  You can thank Maxine Waters if you get met with harassment and, hate.  

                  As you have seen on tv they are terrorizing our Senators and congressmen so if they do that to them,  you can bet they are going to do it there.  



“Facebook “

Have you had problems making a statement on Facebook well,  I have.  It seems if you are pro Trump and, anti-socialist you have a hard time posting.  

So I’m gonna post what I wanted to say on my Facebook page here on my blog.



“The Government Control of Your Health”

                          I’m a 100% disabled Veteran and, like most disabled vets my body is breaking down.  

                          I’ve got arthritis in every joint in my body, a bulging disc and, a dislocated rotator cup.

                          All in which are very painful.  My VA doctor prescribed me extra strength Tylenol for my arthritis, Ibuprofen for my bulging disc nothing for my rotator cup.

                         It’s been said Tylenol hurts your liver, ibuprofen hurts the kidneys and, opioids are forbidden.  

                         With Oklahoma newly approving medical marijuana the possibility is there for me to take canibus drops instead of both of those.

                          But, because the VA is federal government don’t recognize the states drug laws VA will not prescribe it.  

                         I do have to say since Donald Trump became President the VA clinic has improved 150%.  



“Avengers, Infinity Wars”

                     This may make me sound like a conspiracy nut but, what the hell who doesn’t sound like that now a days.  

                      When your in the military some learn strategy.  After watching the above named movie. I see Hollywood’s strategy.

                      One of several ways to bring a country down is to break the spirit, backbone or,  motivation!  

                       You do that by bringing down their heroes like “Roy Rogers”, “The Lone Ranger and, Superman.  

                       That’s the older generation heroes,  

                       What about the younger generation’s like “Thor, “Iron Man”, “The Hulk” and, all the other modern day heroes.   

                          (SPOILER ALERT!).    

                        In the beginning of this movie they kill off the favorite  “The Hulk” .  

                        During this movie almost all the heroes die and, the evil enemy wins.  

                        This I feel was done on purpose to break the spirit of the “United States” youth!  

                         For those who have no one to look up to, they have their make believe hero’s but,  this movie Kills them off!

                         The evil enemy defeats the good guys.  Good America looses and, socialism wins!  No heroes to look up to,  

                          Good luck,  Marvel, in getting me to spend another minute watching anything you have to offer.  



“Political Poles”

                          Remember, a good majority of the poles are controlled and, conducted by the socialist media.  

                           These are the same poles that had a high percentage that Trump would loose the election.  

                            This  is the ploy of the Democrats to change your vote to their side it’s what they do.  

                            So don’t believe the poles, they will stop at nothing to regain power.



“Google, Apple and, This Blog By Godaddy”

                           To add Facebook and, Twitter on to the title would be to long. The bias of the internet.    

                              Since my WiFi went down I’ve had to depend on my Apple iPad to post on my blog.

                              Apple uses the Safari browser, Well I went through safari to go to godaddy to log in.  

                             It worked for a while but, all of a sudden it stopped.  

                            Talking to a technician he explained that Apple and, google don’t get along.  

                            Godaddy is sponsored by google so because of this ,  I could no longer go to my blog,  I had to go through yahoo.

                            I do not use Twitter very much but,  I do post a lot of what I say here on Facebook.  

                             My  friends on Facebook, ask me where is my share button?  I said maybe I’m blocked.

                             Facebook placed a notice and, said it’s probably my privacy settings, I checked and, it wasn’t.

                             So if you go to my page on Facebook you can’t share pro Trump or,  conservative posts at least not mine.

                            I do not like using google because, it’s been on the news that google is going towards China.  

                            Not cooperating with the US.  



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