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“Midterm Election Results”

                     Now what should we summize from this election.

                     Those states that elected socialist House of Representative candidates, should we think of them as socialist states?  

                     These states have elected People into your House of Representatives that do not believe in freedom of speech (Universities, CNN ie. media.  

                      They believe in the ruling class is above the law. (Hillary)

                      They believe the people are answerable to the government not, the government is answerable to the people.  

                        There are only two classes in a Socialist environment, the ruling class and, the working class.

                      And to top it all off they have the audacity to lecture us on violence when they have their brown shirts terrorizing the families of our leaders. (ANTIFA).

                     I think it’s time we give them a dose of their own medicine.

                     Find out who these ANTIFA people are and, start terrorizing their friends and, family.  




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