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“Lie Down and Take It”

                        The media is not use to a Republican President that fights back. They want to blame all these hate attacks on him.  

                         The American people are not as stupid as they think.

                         That is the basic ideology of their party,  people are not intelligent enough to know what’s best for them.  

                         So they must be ruled by them and, their way must be forced on the people to bring into effect true equality.  

                         So they create this political hate and, blame it on the opposing party.  

                         Let’s see a show of hands that think the Socialist Democrats had nothing to do with the South American caravan slowly approaching the southern border, right before the mid term elections.

                         The socialist party is pulling out all the stops to gain back power.  They have too, they have never been so exposed before.  

                         They know that U.S. citizens have fought against communism, Marxism and, socialism ever since Americas creation.  

                         This election when you vote you have but, one choice socialism with the Democrats or, freedom with the Republicans.  

                         Has anyone stated the political party the synagogue shooter was associated with? I wonder why?

                         Which one has lied to you in the past Donald Trump or, the Democratic Party?



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