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“Kavanaugh Law”

                        I am a 65 year old male, have been lied too, by women all my life. I choose to live alone.

                         I would rather live alone then live with someone I can not trust!  People ask me all the time “Don’t you ever get lonely?”

                         This is my answer, in this world with the women’s modern day morals the way they are, I choose to live by myself.

                          I have had women proposition me and, when I didn’t take them up on it they made up lies.  

                          I’ve had one wife who lied to me for 14 years. After that I had several girlfriends but,their lies came back to them.  

                          I’ve seen guys get hauled off to jail merely because the woman/girlfriend/wife did not want him around.  

                         All it takes is one phone call to the police and, there are 10 squad cars at the door. The woman is always right.

                         Sorry no thank you!  That’s why they need to pass the Kavanaugh Law to equal the value of a mans word.

                         Right now, the value of a woman’s word is more valuable then a mans!  




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