iDeals vs Brainloop Comparison Review

As practice shows, in accordance with the needs of modern working conditions, it is more convenient than local editing of the document to place the necessary file in the data storage, access to which can be differentiated for the roles of specific users. iDeals, or Brainloop, what to choose?

How to Solve the Data Protection Problems with Brainloop?

Some users can modify the file, others can only read and review the changes. In general, the use of such data services is easy to use and does not require special settings. Only the question remains relevant: There are so many offers on the market, which of the virtual data room services should you choose? These factors depend on unforeseen circumstances and the characteristics of the information environment. It is almost impossible to predict them in the information space, but it is important to be ready to eliminate them quickly. Such problems can be resolved by conducting engineering proceedings and retaliating against the threat to information security.

In the case of transferring copies of documents to a counterparty, their owner loses the ability to control their further circulation, that is, he cannot know for sure who and when viewed them. He is also deprived of the opportunity to revoke them, that is, to stop access to them for the counterparty. Face-to-face familiarization in the office of the owner of the documents can also be difficult if the counterparty is far enough away, for example, in another city.

To solve this problem, the Brainloop service has a special sending mode, in which the addressee does not receive files with documents in fact, which means that he cannot save them to his local disk, but can only view using the service itself via the web interface or a mobile application, having received a link to service for viewing in an email.

The iDeals Advantages over Brainloop

The availability, reliability, and financial benefits of cloud storage may seem very attractive to business owners, but for those in charge of traditional IT professionals (such as storage administrators, backup systems, networks, security systems, and compliance managers). Large amounts of data in the cloud are often a serious problem. iDeals data room service makes it easy to migrate the storage to the cloud and addresses high network costs, long data transfer, and security issues.

There are some advantages that iDeals have Over Brainloop:

  1. With the context menu and the familiar drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly add, delete, and move folders and files to your data room structure.
  2. Easy and fast loading by dragging multiple files and entire folders into the VKD.
  3. Accelerated download process – iDeals Sync allows you to sync files on local and network drives with cloud storage.
  4. Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files are automatically converted to a secure PDF when downloaded. This helps to eliminate problems with the preparation of documents.
  5. With automatic indexing, you don’t have to manually reorganize or rename files and folders. After reorganization, the document index will be automatically updated.
  6. Save time renaming files and folders by right-clicking and selecting “rename”.
  7. Add notes to folders and files to leave additional instructions for potential buyers.
  8. Quickly remove personal data, details of customers and suppliers and disclose them as the transaction progresses. Select content manually or search for text matches using the Find & Remove feature in the data room.