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“How to comment on this blog?”

                                People made comments on this blog before but, now that it’s secure you have to do it differently.  

                                First, you click on comments. Then scroll down to the comments block click in the block.  

                                Then type out your comment.  Before you didn’t have to fill out the blocks below now you do.  

                                 First block is Name,  this I would give a fictious name (it appears on the blog).

                                  The next block you have to put a email address this has to be a real address ,  it will not appear on the blog.  

                                    The next block is phone number this is optional, unless you wish us to contact you.    

                                     We have tried to make comments without filling these blocks out, you can not comment on this blog without filling out the top two blocks.

                                     To return to the other posts, you must scroll up then click on uncategorize. 

                                     This will return you to other posts you can comment on.



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