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“Google, Apple and, This Blog By Godaddy”

                           To add Facebook and, Twitter on to the title would be to long. The bias of the internet.    

                              Since my WiFi went down I’ve had to depend on my Apple iPad to post on my blog.

                              Apple uses the Safari browser, Well I went through safari to go to godaddy to log in.  

                             It worked for a while but, all of a sudden it stopped.  

                            Talking to a technician he explained that Apple and, google don’t get along.  

                            Godaddy is sponsored by google so because of this ,  I could no longer go to my blog,  I had to go through yahoo.

                            I do not use Twitter very much but,  I do post a lot of what I say here on Facebook.  

                             My  friends on Facebook, ask me where is my share button?  I said maybe I’m blocked.

                             Facebook placed a notice and, said it’s probably my privacy settings, I checked and, it wasn’t.

                             So if you go to my page on Facebook you can’t share pro Trump or,  conservative posts at least not mine.

                            I do not like using google because, it’s been on the news that google is going towards China.  

                            Not cooperating with the US.  



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