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“Top Secret Security Clearances “

                   I’ve had a confidential clearance, a Secret Clearance and, a Top Secret clearance.

                     What people don’t know is when you get a clearance you get what is known as “Read in” 

                      The grantor has the recipient sign a non disclosure agreement which says if you divulge any information gained by your clearance you can receive 20 years in prison and, a $5,000 fine.

                      Then while you have a clearance you have what is called “ A Need To Know” .  

                      In other words if you don’t have a need to know it’s just like having no clearance at all.

                      I still have a Top Secret Clearance but, I have been read out and,  signed a non disclosure agreement.  

                     While my Top Secret Clearance was active, I was guided by my need to know!

                     So the clearances are guided by the granting authority.  

                     The only reason why Branan or, Clapper would need a clearance is one,  if he was using his clearance to gain a back door to gain information.

                     Research for a book deal is another reason but, this is placing their pocket book ahead of the good of their country.

                    Also,  to be able to sell him or, herself to a commercial company.

                    All of which are against the law.  The giving of information is guided by the authorities that granted the clearance.




“The Power of The Vote!”

                           Republicans your vote has never been more powerful!  You have the power to stop the impeachment of the President,  

                            If you don’t vote you get impeachment, if you vote Democrat you get impeachment.

                             In my past I have always skipped the mid-term elections but, this time the socialist are making their moves on my President.

                             So Republicans piss off a socialist on November 8th and, get out and, vote Republican.

                             The Democrats have already promised if they take control of the house they will impeach the President.

                             The House has the power to impeach, the Senate has the power to convict. This is what happened to Clinton before he resigned.  



“Would The Real Socialist Please Step Forward?”

                        Those of us that watch and, study our countries politics, throughout the years.  

                          We know the Democrats have been steering our country towards socialism for years now we have Democrats coming out of the closet.  

                          Openly running as a socialist thinking its not that far from where the Democratic Party is now.  

                           So can you honestly say your favorite Senator or, Congressman/Woman is not a closet Socialist?    

                           President Trump is damaging the Democratic Socialist plans in bringing down capitalism.

                           The reason why Adolf Hitler came to power was because of the depression people where desperate.  

                            The Democrats wanted to make our country desperate.  


“Diane Feinstein and, Congressional Intell. Committee “

                  Does this say anything about our Congresses intelligence?  For her to have a Chinese spy as her driver for 20 years.  

                   Please, help me understand the intelligence of this Democratic Socialist Senator.

                   She is a member of the Congressional Intelligence Committee, you know the ones investigating Trump!



“NFL Football and, Country”

                           I like my politics and, I like my football but, not together.

                            This disrespect towards our country reflects strongly towards their up bringing.  

                             You are judged by the fruit you bare.  My love goes this way God – Country- me- sports.

                              I feel if  I support a left wing actor/actress,  I’m donating to the socialist party.

                              If I watch NFL football I’m donating to anti- American activity.  So I no longer watch any football.  

                              NASCAR if the drivers in NASCAR kneel during my country’s Anthem I will stop watching it.

                                My country comes above any sports!  What happened to no stand , no play.      


“Who was George Wallace?”

                                   The Democratic Socialist have successfully turned history of their own party , to make it that the Republican Party is the party of bigotry.  

                                    Those of us who remember, it was the southern Democrats were the ones who posted “Whites only” on restaurants and, drinking fountains.

                                     Gov. George Wallace (D-AL) was one of many pro segregation Democrats that fought against equal rights for African Americans.  

                                    George Wallace stood in the doorway blocking a young African American woman from entering a Alabama college.  

                                    At the time President John F. Kennedy (D-MA) ordered them to admit her.

                                     The NAZI’s used the divide and, conquer strategy with the Jews in Germany, like they are doing now.



“Adolf Hitler”

                          Some don’t know that before Hitler forced his way into office, he ran for office in the Democratic Party and, lost.



“McAllen Texas”

                             Five people arrested for an attempted robbery in McAllen, Texas.

                              At least two of them where illegal. They had been arrested years before in California and, where released.  

                               One  was deported years before.  The other states are going to suffer as long as California is a sanctuary state.

                                In my opinion the states that border California, Oregon and, Washington State should put in place border check stations.  

                                These United States should not have to put up with illegals in their state.              



“Shut The Damn Thing Down!”

                             The President signed a budget before without the funding of the wall, so the budget would pass.

                              The Democratic Socialist are trying to do it again. So are the incumbent Republicans.    

                               You can’t tell which representative voted against the budget with funding for the wall, cause their is no roll call vote for 435 congressmen.

                               But, if you watch CSPAN2 the Senate shows the way each Senator votes unless the Senators call for a silent vote.    

                               This is the way I feel.  Can’t have a country without borders.

                               The President would not have a country to lead so, shut the government down!



“Rush Limbaugh on Truth In The Press”

                            It’s not a violation of freedom of speech if you inforce it with the truth. Now who’s to say it’s the truth?  

                             Well,  Congress can pass a law if the press can back it up with at least two pieces of evidence, not hear say or, circumstantial .

                             Then it can be considered as news other then that the report should be labeled as an opinion or, editorial.

                            If the news report can’t be evidence driven and,  then if they report it as news it can be challenged in court.  

                             If they loose in court and,  if the story is about the federal government then they loose their press privileges for a month.  

                             Second and, third times will be longer!  

                             Every socialist dictator including Adolf Hitler, used the press to take over the nation.  

                             By controlling the press!  Their needs to be freedom of the press and, a definition of what is called press.


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