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“What America is at Fault”

                            What in the world is he saying.  What people don’t understand is Russia is a Muslim country.  

                             As a Muslim country,  like most other Muslim countries, respect strength.  

                             How can a truthful man speak the truth with all this.  

                             Like most socialist liberals Americans, they will not take responsibility for their mistakes.

                            What mistake am I talking about? America elected a president that was a sniveling coward , such as Barrack H Obama.  

                             He spent most of his time apologizing for America!  His showing his weakness showed the rest of the world that America is weak.

                             In that respect it is partly our fault, Obama let the rest of the world that they can get away with murder and, they did.  

                             As I said before, Barrack Obama would not make a pimple on a good leaders ass.

                            He lulled the rest of the world into in a faults since of strength.  

                            So in that respect,  it is America’s fault. The left will not admit that Obama was weak.

                            This is, what I believe what President Trump was talking about.  

                             As far as I’m concerned, how can you brag about your intellegence agencies when they hold back information from the President.  

                             Such as where is the Hillary’s private server and the 33,000 emails.  

                             How can a President trust the CIA when not long ago they where wire tapping Americans namely senators.  

                            So tell me about confidence our President should have in the intelligence agencies.  



(follow up) “What is This The Stone Age” part 2

                      Someone requested me to elaborate on this post so here it go.

                      The argument for the zero policy and, the Wall is that drug pushers and, MS13 is using children to get into the country.

                     Unless they are using their own children as a tool then the children are someone else’s.  

                     With a Blood type or, a DNA test they can find out if they truly are related.

                     The argument against this is, because of the amount of illegals the tests would be very expensive.  

                      If a single parent is found to have committed a crime, say like in Chicago what happens to the child.

                      Answer they go into the custody of DHS, separating the family.



“Apologetic For America?”

                          Recently there was an apology sent to the rest of the world,  apoliging for our Republican President.

                           You must realize this apology was made by a Democrat/Socialist.

                           In the early to mid 80’s the Democratic Party had fund raising problems.

                           So they turned to, even though their secret goal was socialism, they turned to the out spoken socialist, Marxist, communist and, anarchist.  

                          Now the secret agenda of the Democrats is out there.    

                          When I apologize for the Democratic/Socialistic Party.   I think I can speak for the rest of the Conservative Republican  Party.    

                          They realize if they can’t sell Their  socialism to the rest of the country they are through as a party.

                           They use the socialist media arm as a propaganda tool to make a bad man out our President.  

                            So I apologize for socialist party. What really are apologizing for is helping Europe in WWI and, WWII.

                          Helping Korea and, helping Vietnam, also Iraq and, Afghanistan .

                          The family separation was the fault of President      Barack Obama.

                           Obama didn’t enforce it, with the zero tolerance of Trump who did enforce it.  

                           This is what caused the family separation.  Remember the story of Obama flying a plane of illegal immigrants landing in, I believe it was California.

                          The story was about protesters, protesting what he did but, you wouldn’t hear about if you weren’t watching Fox News.  

                          That’s just one of the coverups the CNN, MSNBC, HLN, ABC, NBC and, CBS networks did.

                           So I  apologize for ugly actions of US Socialists.

.                                Star…



                           You know for decades and decades Conservatives have asked where are the honest politicians.    

                             I feel we now have an open and, honest government  and, WeThe People are allowing them to be mistreated by the socialist.  

                             I watch my tv as I see Sarah Sanders being escorted out of the The Red Hen restaurant because she supports the President.

                             Pam Bondi was protested outside a art show.    

                             Democrat socialist seem to always win because they are more active. (Protests).  

                              I would like to see the conservative side start protesting these socialist politicians.  

                              Like Maxenne Waters, Nancy Pelosi and, all the other dictatorial socialist.

                              We ask these Senators and, Congressmen to fight for us in Washington and, what do we do , hide in the shadows?

                               I am a 100% disabled veteran, I spent 14 years in the Army till my discharge.

                                I gave what I could give but, once I got out, I had to fight the VA.

                                After ten years I sought help from my Senator.  

                                Senator James Inhof (R) , in the military I fought for my men after that my Senator fought for me.

                                Come on our President is fighting for us can’t we do the same?

                                 I’m asking my fellow patriots to go out and show your support for them.



“A Rose I Can Live With”

                        You know I refused to watch Rosanne ,due to her admitting she was raised as a Marxist.  

                          Someone pointed out at least she is being honest which most in Hollywood are not and, it’s not in the show.

                           Well, when she started her new show it showed a common sense agenda. I am not prejudice.  

                            In fact I have suffered in my past for pointing out prejudice. I look white but, I am what the feds call a Native American Naturalized Citizen.  

                             I don’t believe Rosanne is prejudice.  Think of it as the liberal left retaliation against the pro Trump format.

                            I would like to see another station produce a program called Rosanne using Rosanne Barr.  



“Enough is Enough”

                          These back and fourth words of condemnation between Democrats and Republicans is tiresome.  

                           Republicans you have said you have evidence of criminal wrong doing against Hillary Clinton file charges.  

                           Democrats you say you have evidence against the Republicans wrong doing take action.  

                           We the people are tired of this!  


“What is This the Stone Age?”

                      This separation of families at the border is rediculious.  Ok drug dealers using children to get into the country.  

                        Its not ok!  When child maternity is questioned you check for blood type and DNA.  

                        If they are the blood relatives then what do you do with U.S. citizen’s kids when their parents break the law while in the accompaniment of their children.  

                        If a parent breaks the law in Chicago with their child with them they get separated.

                        Where are the Democrats then?


“Prove to Me That I Am Wrong!”

                   The similarity between the downfall of the U.S.S.R. and, what is ingrained in the United States government is really un-cannie.  

                     If you remember the Soviet T-72 tanks surrounding the Kremlin.  

                     You’ll also remember the only way their president was able to bring it to this climax, is to stack the deck.  

                     Before he was elected he had other anti Soviet friends installed into the Kremlin.    

                     You should understand this is what President Trump is trying bring us out of “The Deep State”  which is installed socialism.  

                     People of influence embedded deep within our government installed by previous presidents.

                     If these elements are stopped the next step they will resort to is physical revolution.    

                     They can not start over they are too exposed.

  So prove to me that I am wrong and, keep the Democrats out of office and, watch what happens.  



“School Guns & Technolgy”

                     You know with all the technological breakthroughs we have going on.  

                      My question is why can’t they create a device installed at the gun manufacturer triggered by Bluetooth or wifi to disable the trigger?

                      It’s just a thought!  



“Parkland Fla, High School”

                        I’m sure I speak for everyone that our hearts go out to those who have lost their lives and the family members left behind.    

                          You can be sure the anti 2nd amendment Democrats will jump on this one.  

                          Now, to speak of my anger of how many times must this happen before the schools take action of prevention?

                           I use to live in Florida and, it and Texas were about the only states that still had a operational electric chair.    

                           Gainesville, fla prison I believe called it old Sparky.  

                           I also remember having a conversation with a young teenage friend about it.  

                           He said “Ahw the electric chair don’t exist that’s just a story they made up to scare kids”.  

                           At that time I wished I could have taken him to witness an execution.  

                           It was pointed out to me that states that do have execution s will not allow anyone under 18 to be present.  

                           My own opinion is if,more kids were allowed to witness capital punishment there would be less violence.

                           For this 19 year old for right now I feel they might need to warm up “Ol’ Sparky”.  17 dead!



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