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“Socialism on The Rise!”

                      As I have said in the past now that the true agenda of the Democratic Party is now out in the open, they have to win back power, to stay relevant.  

                      They know true socialism will have to be forced on people.  

                       They have the House and, will use what ever means they can to remove President Trump from power.

                        They are attempting to shake the confidence of the American people of the election process but, are failing my state is doing fine.

                        I , however, would check the graveyards for the names of voters in Arizona!



“California Fires”

                      President Trump was correct when he stated that California Governor Jerry Brown was really responsible for the fires.  

                       How could that be?  Well, the federal government gives many states funds to take care of the federally set aside national parks.  

                       Now what the Governor does with that money is up to them.

                       Through the years the forestry areas of California have had dead trees and, fallen tree limbs.  

                        It may seem like a little thing but, after years of being let go it’s a lot!

                        The California forestry service can only do what it can with the money it’s given by the governor.

                        The federal funds, to be used to hire people to clean up this, has been steered away to support the illegal immigrant care services.  

                        That you will not hear on CNN,  they will espouse their global warming nonsense.  

                         I do not make these claims lightly I have a friend that lives near the fires.



“Florida Home of The Hanging Chad”

                          I lived in Florida for 12 years , Florida is not a Democratic State.  It does have a growing minority that wants to make it a Latino country.

                           It was even on the ballot one year to make Spanish the state legal language.  

                           It failed of course but, it tells you something about the population of the state.  A lot of minority’s refuse to learn English.  

                           Brenda Snipes was not placed in her job as a election comptroller by Gov. Jeb Bush by choice.  

                           She was another one of those Republican compromises.

                           Gov. Bush put her in that job to get elected by Democrats of the state. She is in effect a socialist plant.



“Midterm Election Results”

                     Now what should we summize from this election.

                     Those states that elected socialist House of Representative candidates, should we think of them as socialist states?  

                     These states have elected People into your House of Representatives that do not believe in freedom of speech (Universities, CNN ie. media.  

                      They believe in the ruling class is above the law. (Hillary)

                      They believe the people are answerable to the government not, the government is answerable to the people.  

                        There are only two classes in a Socialist environment, the ruling class and, the working class.

                      And to top it all off they have the audacity to lecture us on violence when they have their brown shirts terrorizing the families of our leaders. (ANTIFA).

                     I think it’s time we give them a dose of their own medicine.

                     Find out who these ANTIFA people are and, start terrorizing their friends and, family.  



“Paul” (The movie)

                         This is a cute movie about an alien who has escaped captivity by the government and, Area 51.

                          This movie is filled with so many liberal left wing stereotypes it’s funny.

                          The one thing that stands out is the statement that the main female character points out.

                           She says “God created all men in his image “ so according to her and, the alien, you can’t believe in aliens from outer space and, believe in God at the same time.

                          It must be pointed out,  that the truth is,  in the Bible it says “God created “ALL MEN” in his image”  not all creation.  

                         The female actress that stressed this in the movie unsuccessfully tried to portray a devout Christian, when in real life she is a atheist activist.



“Lie Down and Take It”

                        The media is not use to a Republican President that fights back. They want to blame all these hate attacks on him.  

                         The American people are not as stupid as they think.

                         That is the basic ideology of their party,  people are not intelligent enough to know what’s best for them.  

                         So they must be ruled by them and, their way must be forced on the people to bring into effect true equality.  

                         So they create this political hate and, blame it on the opposing party.  

                         Let’s see a show of hands that think the Socialist Democrats had nothing to do with the South American caravan slowly approaching the southern border, right before the mid term elections.

                         The socialist party is pulling out all the stops to gain back power.  They have too, they have never been so exposed before.  

                         They know that U.S. citizens have fought against communism, Marxism and, socialism ever since Americas creation.  

                         This election when you vote you have but, one choice socialism with the Democrats or, freedom with the Republicans.  

                         Has anyone stated the political party the synagogue shooter was associated with? I wonder why?

                         Which one has lied to you in the past Donald Trump or, the Democratic Party?



“Pipe Bombs In The Mail?”

                             Really?  These Democratic Socialist are so incredibly stupid!  They were loosing in the elections.  

                              The Kavanaugh sex thing didn’t work and, made them look bad.

                               The caravans from the south was making their no borders, one world order agenda look bad.  

                               This has been done before. The Germans dressed up German soldiers as Polish soldiers and, attacked the German side.

                                To be able to justify the start of World War II. I summize that this was done by ANTIFA under the instructions of George Soros.

                                 Using their own side to make the Republican side look just as evil as they are.

                                 So fall for this foolish attempt to deceive you if you want but, these people are desperate and, will do anything to regain power.

                                 Man these Democrats are so stupid as to try the same thing twice!

                                Watch “The Death of a Nation “  by Denesh D’Sousa.



“Democrat Economic Motivation “

                        Many people ask why would the Democrats want a country to fail economically?

                         You have to understand,  their sick way of looking at things.  

                          Ask yourself why would the German people allow a sick pervert such as Adolf Hitler come to power?  

                          The answer is during that time it was the time of The Great Depression every country in the world was hurting financially.

                           People hungry and,  desperate Adolf Hitler was advertised by the Socialist run press as the answer to their hunger.  

                           If the socialist of today can bring the economics of the United States down to desperation, it will make socialism attractive.

                           Why do you think the media has been making the case for years of the hopelessness of world finances.  

                           Then Donald J. Trump joins in and ruins their plans.



“Repercussions “

                           In the news today was a poll that shows woman are more for Democrat socialist then Christian conservative Republicans.  

                            This may be contributed to the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.  

                             While we conservatives support fighting for true victims of sexual abuse, we don’t believe professor Ford .

                              We are not so ignorant as to believe that she was not used to gain power back for the Democrats.  

                              While the Democrats nominate justice activist that legislate from the bench, Republicans do not.  

                               The socialist do not want their agenda stopped!

                                If women allow themselves to get manipulated like this enough to vote in a socialist, then they deserve the country they get.  

                                This reminds me of my ex wife.  Every time she would come to me about her kids not doing something she told them, I would discuss it with her then back her up.

                                 What would happen then is her kids would object and, then my wife would turn on me. I would wind up fighting them both.

                                  What does this have to do with it. Look at it this way, my step children as the Democrats my wife as the country I am the Republican Party fighting for her.  

                                 We will fight for you but, if you join those who fight against us, how long do we continue to fight for you.

                                 Me myself I got tired of fighting the both of them.  So in short if you vote in the social terrorist, then you deserve the country you get.

                                 Me myself I’ll wash my hands with the both of you.  




“The Kavanaugh Law”

                          Why should your Congress support the Kavanaugh Law?  

                           If you look at history , in the past just before every socialist dictator took power the socialist had control of the press.

                           Using lies to bring to power the dictator! This is the same tactic the socialist are using today,  in the U.S.

                            If we, as a country, don’t wise up they will be successful.  

                            The Kavanaugh Law could stop this and, save this country!  

                             It supports freedom of speech at the same time provides repercussions for those news organizations that report  fake news.  

                             If Russia or, Germany had this law their would not have been the Third Reich or, Soviet Union.    It’s an anti Socialist law.



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