Are we new or, do we have dummy wrote on our forehead?  In Sept. 2006 our Federal government passed the Southern border Fence Act.  

                       What happened?   Well, the liberal Democrats high jacked the funds and, steered the funds to build it somewhere else.  

                        The Democratic Party knows that if a permanent wall is build it can not be changed, like they did before.

                         Let me ask you something 10 years ago did you think one political party would use a Department of the U.S. federal government to attack the other?  

                        The pro Obama left (Democrat) used the Internal Revenue Service to deny equal rights due to their political beliefs.  

                        The Democratic Party used the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  The Dept. of Firearms and, Tobacco and, The National Security Agency to harass and, in some case run out of business, conservative groups.  

                         Gibson guitar,  had guitars confiscated because the CEO did not vote for Obama.  

                         So what country does that remind you of? How about the U.S.S.R.

                         So we the people are suppose to trust these same democrats to keep a electronic fence in place?