The similarity between the downfall of the U.S.S.R. and, what is ingrained in the United States government is really un-cannie.  

                     If you remember the Soviet T-72 tanks surrounding the Kremlin.  

                     You’ll also remember the only way their president was able to bring it to this climax, is to stack the deck.  

                     Before he was elected he had other anti Soviet friends installed into the Kremlin.    

                     You should understand this is what President Trump is trying bring us out of “The Deep State”  which is installed socialism.  

                     People of influence embedded deep within our government installed by previous presidents.

                     If these elements are stopped the next step they will resort to is physical revolution.    

                     They can not start over they are too exposed.

  So prove to me that I am wrong and, keep the Democrats out of office and, watch what happens.