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“Blog Clean Up”

                    Where you tired of seeing a lot of spam and, filth on my blog?  

                     Well, I’ve added spam security and, tightened the parameters on the language to be used on this blog.

                     I hope you will continue reading and, commenting on my blog postings.  

                              Thank you.        Star…


“Tell The World”

                      One of the many places I was stationed while in the military was Korea.  While over there I learned many things like the amount of infiltrators.

                       The size of the tunnels that the North Koreans made.

                        But, the one thing I can’t understand is why the United States has not informed the world about the amount of underwater mines they have placed in their waters.

                        North Korea has placed and, is placing, anti ship underwater mines off their coast in the Korea Bay and, in their waters of the Japan Sea.  

                       Why not let everybody know?



“Fox News Suggestion”

                      Oh man, the old he said, she said of politics. What if there was a way to find who’s bs-ing who?  

                       Well, there is a way, if Fox News followed my suggestion.  

                        I suggested that instead of Fox News playing reruns every night, why not advertise a challenge to the socialist Democrats.  

                       Advertise that once a week Fox News will conduct a debate between, say like a Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R) against whom ever the Socialist party is willing.

                      Recommendation Tucker Carlson or, Judge Jenean as moderator with a mic kill switch. (We all know the Democrats like to talk over others , to block the other from being heard.  

                     The reason this is such a good idea is because this is a win-win situation.  If the challenge is met they will loose.

                     If the challenge is not met Fox News can continue showing a rerun.

                    This will also show the Socialist Democrats can not backup their support on their positions.

                    In other words, their lies can not stand the light of day!  Issue the challenge for a weekly debate every day!



“Want To hear A Joke?”

              A Rabi and, a priest walks into a bar?  No that’s not the joke!  Do you remember Ralm Emmanuel (probably misspelled).

               The ex-Obama attorney General,  who is now the mayor of Chicago thinks he has the authority to ban the President of the United States from Chicago!  

                Yes, after the President did away with the DACA illegal executive order,  the dummy in Chicago has banned President Donald Trump from entering Chicago.  

                 I really think the Liberals have went off the deep end.  

                 The other night Tucker Carlson had a Californian on his show by the name of Shankar Singam ,a Calexit supporter, says California is not a part of the U.S.

                  He states we have our own laws and, do not have to follow the laws of the United States.

                 We do what’s best for California and, don’t care about what the United States has to say. Drug laws and, sanctuary cities.  

                 This is Chicago and, California flipping the bird to the United States of America!  



“DACA On No!”

                     First let’s decide do we really want to have a country?  If so what kind of country do we want to have?

                     Socialist or, capitalist? Socialist is where you place a government over you that the people think is smarter then they are.  

                     This kind of government is hard to get rid of without a revolution and, the military we have is the one your going to have to fight against.

                      A capitalist/Republic government you vote in, where you can change.  

                      A Socialist/Democratic government has to be a dictatorial one to force all the socialist changes in the country.  

                     Each one has laws. Now depending on the amount of Democrats or, Republicans we have in office now depends on what the other side points out is wrong.

                     The federal government was a socialist one when we had O’Dumbo in office.  

                      Now that we have a republican in office it’s a capitalist one. Both have laws.  

                      Was it cruel for O’Dumbo to promise the illegal immigrant’s children they could stay here even though the Constitution says they can’t.

                       (Congress not the President has immigration authority per “The United States Constitution “.

                      Our federal government has laws called the Constitution and, when the Socialist try to illegally change those laws, it hurts people.  

                       This time it’s hurting the young of illegal immigrants. If President Trump did not stop DACA he would be a subject of impeachment.

                       Just as O’Dumbo should have been impeached when he circumvented Congress and, the Constitution.  

                       The socialist party has been slowly trying to change the laws in this country for a long time, hoping we wouldn’t  notice.

                        So of course it’s going to be a shock and,  hurt people when the ship is righted and, steered back to the basics of this country.  

                        President Trump is not hurting these people it was O’Dumbo and, his minions that hurt them. Telling them a lie!

 (Side note: What did Hitler do to start a war with Poland?)



“New Blog Settings”

                    In the process of eliminating the liberals posting garbage fillers on my blog will keep you posted!!!

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