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“It’s in the air!”

                                 Now I’ve had this blog going on two years. I’ve always been able to count on to help me out with technical issues.

                                   I’ve even recommended this company to others.  Well, recently I’ve taken actions to do away with the liberal socialist spam that’s been bombarding my blog.  

                                   I’ve activated the built in security.  Since then I’ve noticed that no one can make a comment on my posts.

                                    I’ve  decided to check out why neither my brother nor I can make a comment on this blog.

                                    I called technical support of GoDaddy, like I’ve done a million times before, and the technician on the phone said he can’t help me.  

                                   He then said contact WordPress. Well that’s good WordPress has no contact info.  

                                   So between WordPress and, GoDaddy I have no technical support.

                                   I thought first of closing down the blog but, what good would that do. If whom ever is trying to stop my freedom of speech, that would do just that.

                                   What I’m going to do is, continue posting on this blog then find another company to start another blog. Just in case my words are not getting out.  

                                    I am sorry you guys will not be able to comment on them.  Understand this,  it’s due to GoDaddy and WordPress that you can’t comment.  

                                   It’s been recommended I go to Google for answers. Imagine that go to an organization that is against freedom of speech about a freedom of speech blog.



“On The Run!”

                        The socialist are happy they think they have President Trump beat because, he took a meeting with comrade Pelosi and company.

                          I just recently had a conversation with a socialist person I know. He said there’s a dark cloud hanging over the White House.  

                          I said there probably is, it’s probably from hurricane Irma.

                          He was talking about the Kool aide they’re drinking over at CNN or, one of the other Pravda organizations.

                          How Trump is going to be impeached. I then asked him, so they found evidence of him doing wrong? He said no but soon.

                          I then told him, you know in the past it’s been common practice to have evidence to start an investigation.

                         I then told him you’ve been in the military and you’ve had to sign a non-disclosure agreement didn’t you, he said yes.

                         I then told him I don’t know about you but, mine said if I divulge any info I’m privy to because of my job either by accident or, on purpose I’m subject to a $5,000 fine and, 20 years of imprisonment.

                         So I ask you since the head of the FBI stood up and, announced to God and, everybody that Hillary Rodham Clinton violated security protocals.  

                         Placed many life’s at risk by placing highly top secret information on the internet, why isn’t she wearing an orange jumpsuit?  

                         He then did what the other socialist do. He stated oh that’s old history.

                         It’s common for liberals not to live up to their responsibility of doing wrong.

                         Why do you think Hillary won’t own up to her own stupidass mistakes in the election.  

                         I then told him what ever happens, any evidence better be good because, if they try to take Trump out illegally then there will be a Revolutionary war part II.  



“Flipping the Bird To The President!”

                         After The President Handed over, the illegal executive order of D.A.C.A.  Back to congress, the state of California and, the people of Chicago sent him a message.

                          The mayor of Chicago signed a ban, banning the President from Chicago.

                          Now California is passing a law proclaiming California to be a sanctuary state.  

                         The law states that you will face jail time if you help I.C.E. agents in apprehending any illegal immigrant.

                         How long is our Federal government going allow California to slip into a separate Mexican country?



“Buy Her Book”

                    Will I buy her book? I have a better question why isn’t she selling these books in an orange jumpsuit?

                     Why is she not in prison?  I tell you what, I’ll buy her book, after she spends at least one month behind bars.

                     Go to hell Hillary or, go to live with your chicom buddies in China.  



“Why a wall?”

                      Are we new or, do we have dummy wrote on our forehead?  In Sept. 2006 our Federal government passed the Southern border Fence Act.  

                       What happened?   Well, the liberal Democrats high jacked the funds and, steered the funds to build it somewhere else.  

                        The Democratic Party knows that if a permanent wall is build it can not be changed, like they did before.

                         Let me ask you something 10 years ago did you think one political party would use a Department of the U.S. federal government to attack the other?  

                        The pro Obama left (Democrat) used the Internal Revenue Service to deny equal rights due to their political beliefs.  

                        The Democratic Party used the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  The Dept. of Firearms and, Tobacco and, The National Security Agency to harass and, in some case run out of business, conservative groups.  

                         Gibson guitar,  had guitars confiscated because the CEO did not vote for Obama.  

                         So what country does that remind you of? How about the U.S.S.R.

                         So we the people are suppose to trust these same democrats to keep a electronic fence in place?  



“New posts”

                 I will soon have the start of a five part post telling a real life story of a private in the military of a real code red cover up.    

                  Another I have to work on is how the United States needs to re-examine its self before telling other countries how to act. It has to do with God giving us free will.





           Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton has blamed every one but herself for the reason she did not win.  

           I don’t think I heard the milkman in her list. So I really can’t say she blamed everyone but, the milkman.  

           So how about it America you want to add your name to the list of reasons she lost?  It’s ok if you put a fake name!

          So here goes;

  F. James I am the reason why you didn’t win. Comment to add your name.  



“Blog Clean Up”

                    Where you tired of seeing a lot of spam and, filth on my blog?  

                     Well, I’ve added spam security and, tightened the parameters on the language to be used on this blog.

                     I hope you will continue reading and, commenting on my blog postings.  

                              Thank you.        Star…


“Tell The World”

                      One of the many places I was stationed while in the military was Korea.  While over there I learned many things like the amount of infiltrators.

                       The size of the tunnels that the North Koreans made.

                        But, the one thing I can’t understand is why the United States has not informed the world about the amount of underwater mines they have placed in their waters.

                        North Korea has placed and, is placing, anti ship underwater mines off their coast in the Korea Bay and, in their waters of the Japan Sea.  

                       Why not let everybody know?



“Fox News Suggestion”

                      Oh man, the old he said, she said of politics. What if there was a way to find who’s bs-ing who?  

                       Well, there is a way, if Fox News followed my suggestion.  

                        I suggested that instead of Fox News playing reruns every night, why not advertise a challenge to the socialist Democrats.  

                       Advertise that once a week Fox News will conduct a debate between, say like a Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R) against whom ever the Socialist party is willing.

                      Recommendation Tucker Carlson or, Judge Jenean as moderator with a mic kill switch. (We all know the Democrats like to talk over others , to block the other from being heard.  

                     The reason this is such a good idea is because this is a win-win situation.  If the challenge is met they will loose.

                     If the challenge is not met Fox News can continue showing a rerun.

                    This will also show the Socialist Democrats can not backup their support on their positions.

                    In other words, their lies can not stand the light of day!  Issue the challenge for a weekly debate every day!



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