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“New Weapons Ban!”

                               First the death of anyone is not a laughing matter but, here goes.  

                                Since the socialist Democrats can’t get a law passed to ban all guns, they are trying something new.  

                                A border guard, in defending our country, has lost his life.  

                                Of course if the guard was shot it would be the gun is evil, to be banned.  

                                So some are talking about banning trucks and, rocks.

                                 After all they are evil,  now that they’ve been used in murders.



“Two More Acusers of Roy Moore”

                              Two women Urina Mathews and,  Martina Goutie prominent citizens of Earth2 is now speaking out.

                                They both say that Roy Moore groped them both at a food storage facility of the Presidential dictator of Earth 2, Hillary Clinton.  

                                They,  like other acusers, decline to say an exact date and, time.  



“Pvt. Gheres Prt. 1”

                          In my life I’ve learned to study people, you can learn many things that way.

                           I have changed the names in this to protect the ones involved.

                           This did happen but, due to the militaries laws against keeping records, I have no proof.

                            Pvt. Gheres shows up at the unit F troop 2/11 car and, I was chose to process him in.  

                            As I always do, I did a mental evaluation of him and, to my mind he was an average know nothing private.

                            After he was processed in he was assigned to be the company commander’s driver.    



“Petifilia of The Past”

                            A little story that has stayed with me for sometime.

                            In the past the only sexual abuse of a minor is when a step father abuses his step daughter or, when a teacher is caught teaching their male children new things.

                           This story is about a mother abusing her two sons.

                           It only came out after I rejected my friend’s mother’s sexual advances toward me as a teenager.

                           He found out about it, then told me of how his mother was having him and, his older brother take turns of having sex with her every nite.  

                           I wanted to tell someone but, he broke down in tears begging me to not tell anyone, so I never told a soul.

                           It hurt to not be able to do something.



“Complete Detour”

                       Everybody is talking about Judge Roy Moore and, the dumbass (senator) from Wisconsin, Al Franken

                        What they are not talking about is how our U.S. Justice Dept. is and, has dropped the ball on Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and, the FBI.


                         A complete distraction.  However the sexual harassment charges should be given their most important actions against them.

                         These sexual harassment actions are nothing new to me, we all know it’s been happening for years.  

                         The only reason it’s coming out so much now is because of the Democrats striking back at the conservative Republicans.

                          Weinstein was outed and, the Democrats need to gain back power.

                          Democrats should understand, those who throw stones should not live in glass houses.  

                          In Florida, in the 80’s, there was a article in the Orlando Sentinel of how a man was just released after spending 12 years of a 20 year sentence.

                           He was in prison for sexual molestation of his under aged step daughter.  

                           He was released only because his step daughter felt guilty and, came out with the truth and, said it didn’t happen.

                            A cautionary tale, this is only one story of many.

                           You see many rush to judgement without proof, all a female has to do is say he touched me and, without proof your in jail.  

                            So be cautious of how you move!  I know this is the age of “The all powerful woman”  and, if you are a man you are automatically guilty.

                            As it’s been said “there is a special place in Hell for child abusers.  


“Left Handed Monkey Wrench”

                      How about I do something the liberal left often does.  

                      Why don’t we stereo type the way Hollywood does.  

                       They group all conservatives the same.  This big Hollywood producer that has finally been caught.  

                        Caught in rape, sexual advances towards women, children and, even men.

                        They got away with it through intimidation of their star power.

                        Wanna be stars would allow these famous Hollywood personalities to transgress as a small payment for letting them have opportunities.  

                        Now should we as outsiders think that all of Hollywood is like this.

                        Young people look up to them as role models.  

                         Should our children immulate the actions of these people?  

                         You know there was an increase of young teen age girls getting caught orally gratifying young boys in high school after President Clinton said oral sex is not sexual relations.

                          But, yeah children do not allow your self respect to stand in your way,  go the Hollywood plan.  



“Selling Out Your Country!”

                 When I was growing up it was against the law for a soldier to desert in the face of the enemy.

                  In the face of the enemy, soldiers have been shot in firing squads or, hung.

                  When I was growing up it was against the law to give away government secrets to foreign countries.(unsecured e-mails).  

                  When I was growing up it was against the law to buy and, control one political party and, use the FBI to spy on the the other political party.(Watergate).  

                  It was also against the law to sell our uranium assets to our enemies. (Uranium 1 deal).  

                  But, lets worry about who has access to guns, who is talking to the Russians or, who is avoiding paying taxes.

                 You wonder where our moral standards are going.  



“If Trucks are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Trucks”

                         The Texas church mass murder is going to be another excuse for the socialist to attempt to take your second amendment right’s away.

                           This way you won’t be able to stand in their socialist Democratic dictator’s way of forcing you to do what they say.

                            After all their idea of leader is one that knows what’s best for you better then you do, right.  




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“Sanctuary funding”

                       While it’s true Attorney General Jeff Sessions does not have the authority to deny federal funds to cities and, states that do not abide by federal laws..

                         But I know, who does , CONGRESS!

                         According to the constitution, congress has the authority of immigration and, has the authority of who does not get funds for not supporting those federal laws.  

                         So if the country has a drug, job and, rape problem due to illegal immigrants, you can place the blame squarely on the shoulders on your Federal congressional leaders.

                         Me I would place the governor of California in jail and, so goes the mayor of Chicago.  (51 votes to pull funding)



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