The socialist are happy they think they have President Trump beat because, he took a meeting with comrade Pelosi and company.

                          I just recently had a conversation with a socialist person I know. He said there’s a dark cloud hanging over the White House.  

                          I said there probably is, it’s probably from hurricane Irma.

                          He was talking about the Kool aide they’re drinking over at CNN or, one of the other Pravda organizations.

                          How Trump is going to be impeached. I then asked him, so they found evidence of him doing wrong? He said no but soon.

                          I then told him, you know in the past it’s been common practice to have evidence to start an investigation.

                         I then told him you’ve been in the military and you’ve had to sign a non-disclosure agreement didn’t you, he said yes.

                         I then told him I don’t know about you but, mine said if I divulge any info I’m privy to because of my job either by accident or, on purpose I’m subject to a $5,000 fine and, 20 years of imprisonment.

                         So I ask you since the head of the FBI stood up and, announced to God and, everybody that Hillary Rodham Clinton violated security protocals.  

                         Placed many life’s at risk by placing highly top secret information on the internet, why isn’t she wearing an orange jumpsuit?  

                         He then did what the other socialist do. He stated oh that’s old history.

                         It’s common for liberals not to live up to their responsibility of doing wrong.

                         Why do you think Hillary won’t own up to her own stupidass mistakes in the election.  

                         I then told him what ever happens, any evidence better be good because, if they try to take Trump out illegally then there will be a Revolutionary war part II.