People I’ve told this to, don’t believe it.  This whole thing whither or,  not the news media is in bed with Washington or, not is not news.  
                               Turn your way back machine to the point in time where Iran just over run and, captured the United States Embassy, in Iran.
                               At that time I was stationed in Germany, in the military.  The main U.S. Army newspaper is “The Stars and, Stripes”  
                              Understand that this is a military controlled news paper so, there was commonly no negative news in it.  
                              The reason I mention this is,  I read the Stars and, Stripes how the Iranians took over the U.S. embassy.
                              About two weeks later I was speaking to my wife in the states and, she said that the Iranian take over just happened now.  
                             In other words the embassy siege took place two weeks before it was reported in the news media in the states.  
                             I don’t know if it was because Jimmy Carter (a Democrat) was President or, not.