Now I’ve had this blog going on two years. I’ve always been able to count on to help me out with technical issues.

                                   I’ve even recommended this company to others.  Well, recently I’ve taken actions to do away with the liberal socialist spam that’s been bombarding my blog.  

                                   I’ve activated the built in security.  Since then I’ve noticed that no one can make a comment on my posts.

                                    I’ve  decided to check out why neither my brother nor I can make a comment on this blog.

                                    I called technical support of GoDaddy, like I’ve done a million times before, and the technician on the phone said he can’t help me.  

                                   He then said contact WordPress. Well that’s good WordPress has no contact info.  

                                   So between WordPress and, GoDaddy I have no technical support.

                                   I thought first of closing down the blog but, what good would that do. If whom ever is trying to stop my freedom of speech, that would do just that.

                                   What I’m going to do is, continue posting on this blog then find another company to start another blog. Just in case my words are not getting out.  

                                    I am sorry you guys will not be able to comment on them.  Understand this,  it’s due to GoDaddy and WordPress that you can’t comment.  

                                   It’s been recommended I go to Google for answers. Imagine that go to an organization that is against freedom of speech about a freedom of speech blog.