Everybody is talking about Judge Roy Moore and, the dumbass (senator) from Wisconsin, Al Franken

                        What they are not talking about is how our U.S. Justice Dept. is and, has dropped the ball on Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and, the FBI.


                         A complete distraction.  However the sexual harassment charges should be given their most important actions against them.

                         These sexual harassment actions are nothing new to me, we all know it’s been happening for years.  

                         The only reason it’s coming out so much now is because of the Democrats striking back at the conservative Republicans.

                          Weinstein was outed and, the Democrats need to gain back power.

                          Democrats should understand, those who throw stones should not live in glass houses.  

                          In Florida, in the 80’s, there was a article in the Orlando Sentinel of how a man was just released after spending 12 years of a 20 year sentence.

                           He was in prison for sexual molestation of his under aged step daughter.  

                           He was released only because his step daughter felt guilty and, came out with the truth and, said it didn’t happen.

                            A cautionary tale, this is only one story of many.

                           You see many rush to judgement without proof, all a female has to do is say he touched me and, without proof your in jail.  

                            So be cautious of how you move!  I know this is the age of “The all powerful woman”  and, if you are a man you are automatically guilty.

                            As it’s been said “there is a special place in Hell for child abusers.