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Author: Stargazer

“Walk & Chew Bubble Gum?”

                              What I’m about to say,  may put me in the conspiracy theory radar but, It’s food for thought.  
                              Many wonder why are the Democrat socialist going on with this Russian and, Comey investigation  without any evidence?
                              People seem to think it’s the I hate Trump thing or, the sore looser thing.
                              People need to open up to another possibility.  Why hasn’t Hillary been investigated? How about the Internal Revenue Service scandal.
                              The Iran deal, the investigation into the Obama regime and, the many treasonist actions he took?  
                              Nothing has been investigated because,  the Democrats know that the Republicans in power can not walk and, chew bubble gum at the same time.  
                              In other words the Republicans can not investigate the previous crimes of the Democrats while they are busy investigating the present President.  
                             The present investigation is a distraction!  


“Strange Bed Fellows”

                               Maybe I shouldn’t say this but, the same celebrities that went to sing in Manchester are the same ones that are for that to happen in this country.  
                              They are for open borders, so Islamic Extremist can come up through the southern border.  They are against the Presidential ban on the 6 countries that train terrorist.  
                              I don’t know this but, they may be anti 2nd amendment advocates.  Recently we learned that Jim Carey is in favor of the domestic terrorist Kathy Griffin.  


“Europe in Turmoil”

                                    Saturday June 3rd of 2017 London is viciously attacked by world heathens.  Not a week before Manchester England was attacked with a child killing bomb.  
                                   What has happened in the United States?  Why?  The reason is our right to bear arms where Great Briton has mandated their citizens turn in their guns.  
                                    In the United States if a Terrorist tries that shit here, he’s libel to get a gun barrel stuck up his Ass.  
(I apologize for the use of the colorful language but, the loss of the innocent life could have been prevented!)
                                   Not only that is the fact that Great Briton was caught with their hand out.  They did what most Idealist wish could happen, they gave a helping  hand to their fellow human beings.  
                                  No way to be able to vent(Investigate) them properly.  Because of this politically correct socialist left wing ideology of Great Briton and, most of Europe,  it’s citizens are being killed.  
                                  Europe has but, two choices, submit to terrorist blackmail and, become a Islamic state or,  deport all who follow the Islamic religion.  
                                 If they do either it is what ISIS wants!  If they deport they can use that as a recruitment tool stating it’s a religious war.
                                 Give the power of protecting this country back to the President instate the ban of the 6 countries.  
                                 July 6th, 2017  “Raise Up” call the Supreme Court. Voice your opinion!  


“Washington Leakers”

                                 People have said that these people that leak information from the inside circle of The White House and, the federal government in general, have done nothing wrong.  
                                What amazes me is that, nothing was said like this when a Fox TV reporter,  reported on something of what the Socialist Obama regime wanted kept out of the news.  
                                There was even talk of him being charged with treason.  It seems that the “Snow Flake Party” wants freedom of information when it’s convenient.
                                However as I’ve stated on my Facebook page:  “Military soldiers when placed in a information sensitive job,  are investigated and, granted the proper clearance.  
                               Before they are placed in this position they are informed verbally of what is expected of them, at that point they have the opportunity to refuse to take the position.  
                               After the venting process, of an investigation, you will be called in to go through a briefing or, be read into the clearance.
                               Then they will be briefed on the job they are to do.  The military has many levels of security clearance, the ones most commonly known is: Confidential, Secret and, Top Secret.  
                               Once you spend time in the, what I call the secure community, you will find out that just because you have the level of clearance for information does not mean you have “The Need To Know”.  
                              The common private has a Confidential clearance. He or, she is briefed and, or, read in when they join the military.  
                              When you accept a position in the federal government ie. Washington D.C. you recieve at the very least a confidential clearance thus the read-in.  
                              In all classifications you sign a non-disclosure agreement and, in this statement it reads the following way:  
                                              “If I divulge any information either by accident or, on purpose that I am privileged to due to the position I am granted, I am subject to 20 years imprisonment and, or a fine of at least $5,000.”  
                                               Everyone with a Confidential clearance and, above signs this.  So why is Ex-Secretary of State still running around free?  
                                               Why are these Washington leakers still running around breathing free air?  It takes a will of those who enforce security protocols.  
                                               The appropriate laws they broke is left up to the prosecuting Atty. General.  


“Raise Up! Day July 6th” 05/26/17

                        When I was stationed in the 2nd Infantry in Korea, there was a saying us  soldiers use to yell to each other.
                        We would yell “Raise Up!” this was our battle cry.  One soldier would yell it then pretty soon you would hear dozens more.  
                        You know we elected a President to “Make America Great Again”  However, he has liberal judges standing in his way.  
                        There has been many examples of why certain peoples should not enter into this country.  
                        ISIS attacks on; Germany, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, little teenage girls in Manchester, now Coptic Christians.  
                        If your teenage daughter was murdered while she was at a concert, would you call or write?
                        In the states;   Boston, California, Texas and, Orlando.  
                        The liberal appointed judges are using claims of prejudice to reject our President’s 7 country ban on the importation of ISIS.  
                       When Washington would not listen to the people about the fence and, Amnesty the whole country called the D.C. switchboard and, jammed it.  
                      After that Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) who was holding up funding for the fence, he then listened and, past it.  
                     So since the judges won’t listen to the President and, the American people, I recommend we raise up in the following way.  
                     On the second day after this countries Independence Day July 6th, 2017 we the people call the supreme court at the following numbers.  
                     Let them know what will happen if your family is harmed through their stupidity!
Phone# 1-202-479-3000,  
Court clerk’s office Phone# 1-202-479-3011,  
To offer your opinion Phone# 1-202-479-3360.  
                        Me myself I’m calling all three numbers.
Address of the supreme court is;  
Supreme Court of The United States,  
1 First Street, NE  
Washington, D.C. 20543  
                       So on the 6th of July come on and, join in and, “Raise Up!” Let the courts know how you feel about them putting your family at risk.  
                      It’s not a religious thing, not a prejudice thing,  It is a safety thing!  Raise Up! citizens.  


“News Media and, Politics” 05/26/17

                                People I’ve told this to, don’t believe it.  This whole thing whither or,  not the news media is in bed with Washington or, not is not news.  
                               Turn your way back machine to the point in time where Iran just over run and, captured the United States Embassy, in Iran.
                               At that time I was stationed in Germany, in the military.  The main U.S. Army newspaper is “The Stars and, Stripes”  
                              Understand that this is a military controlled news paper so, there was commonly no negative news in it.  
                              The reason I mention this is,  I read the Stars and, Stripes how the Iranians took over the U.S. embassy.
                              About two weeks later I was speaking to my wife in the states and, she said that the Iranian take over just happened now.  
                             In other words the embassy siege took place two weeks before it was reported in the news media in the states.  
                             I don’t know if it was because Jimmy Carter (a Democrat) was President or, not.  


“The Wall” 05/26/17

                                     Oh man we should not build the wall now, now that illegal immigrants have slowed down or,  stopped crossing over the southern border.  
                                     Think ahead people,  to the point in the future where the Democrat/socialist learn to disguise their “One World Order” dictatorial agenda to the point you can not see it.  
                                     If there isn’t any wall (permanent fixture) to remove they can can just desolve the border guards as a whole.  


“What Kind Of Stupid Are We Talking Here?”

                           The United States has forces in the form of the U.S. Navy preparing to launch an attack on North Korea as we speak.
                           We are hearing on the news that, yet another American citizen was arrested by the N. Korean police.  DUHH!
                           What kind of stupid does it take to stay in a country that your own country is about to bomb the shit out of?  
                           Please tell me there are no more!  
(Side Note: Whom ever is posting those videos of dumb asses standing in the middle of the street, getting ran over,  please keep it up! They are hilarious)


“Comment Advertising”

                                  I started this blog to vent my frustration over the slow advancement of the Democratic mixture of Socialism, Marxism and, Communism.  
                                 A cruelty I witnessed in my military career, I had to watch and, study.
                                 I didn’t start it to allow people to use it to advertise and, make money off of.  
                                Although I have enjoyed all the comments, of my readers, about my posts.  
                                I have turned off the comments switch on my blog so you who wish to advertise will have to go somewhere else.  
                                I will continue to post though. I hope to see my readers comment again when I turn it back on.