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“Prove to Me That I Am Wrong!”

                   The similarity between the downfall of the U.S.S.R. and, what is ingrained in the United States government is really un-cannie.  

                     If you remember the Soviet T-72 tanks surrounding the Kremlin.  

                     You’ll also remember the only way their president was able to bring it to this climax, is to stack the deck.  

                     Before he was elected he had other anti Soviet friends installed into the Kremlin.    

                     You should understand this is what President Trump is trying bring us out of “The Deep State”  which is installed socialism.  

                     People of influence embedded deep within our government installed by previous presidents.

                     If these elements are stopped the next step they will resort to is physical revolution.    

                     They can not start over they are too exposed.

  So prove to me that I am wrong and, keep the Democrats out of office and, watch what happens.  



“School Guns & Technolgy”

                     You know with all the technological breakthroughs we have going on.  

                      My question is why can’t they create a device installed at the gun manufacturer triggered by Bluetooth or wifi to disable the trigger?

                      It’s just a thought!  



“Parkland Fla, High School”

                        I’m sure I speak for everyone that our hearts go out to those who have lost their lives and the family members left behind.    

                          You can be sure the anti 2nd amendment Democrats will jump on this one.  

                          Now, to speak of my anger of how many times must this happen before the schools take action of prevention?

                           I use to live in Florida and, it and Texas were about the only states that still had a operational electric chair.    

                           Gainesville, fla prison I believe called it old Sparky.  

                           I also remember having a conversation with a young teenage friend about it.  

                           He said “Ahw the electric chair don’t exist that’s just a story they made up to scare kids”.  

                           At that time I wished I could have taken him to witness an execution.  

                           It was pointed out to me that states that do have execution s will not allow anyone under 18 to be present.  

                           My own opinion is if,more kids were allowed to witness capital punishment there would be less violence.

                           For this 19 year old for right now I feel they might need to warm up “Ol’ Sparky”.  17 dead!



“United States ID Card”

                     The only way to insure people are here legally is to enforce the law.  

                      How can the law enforcement community enforce a law when you have cities like Portland,OR, Chicago, IL, New York City and, the state of California issuing drivers licenses to undocumented workers?

                      How does a policeman check, in any state?

                       Well, you start slowly but, surely state by state issuing federal ID cards until every state has been covered. Then and, only then you can be sure the people here are legal.




                            I’ve thought about this for a little while and, we have an obligation to the children that O’Dumbo made promises to.    

                             First, on a new Dreamers act should be no new citizens from the dream act can adopt for 10 years after becoming a citizen.  

                              Since the Democrats are so upset about breaking up families only immediate family members shall be considered for DACA.    

                              Last, but, not least, no undocumented immigrant shall receive a citizenship if they have been found guilty of a crime involving a weapon.  

                              The wall must be built before the new DACA is implemented.  

                               Immigration lottery and, chain immigration is no longer.  

                               This is the only right way, it can work.  



“What’s New?

                          Let’s see, the Democrats still want to impeach the President.    

                            The fake Russia investigation is still going on.

                            The Democrats are still trying to convince people that it’s not capitalism that’s good for you its socialism.  

                              Come on you guys getting that new job it won’t last long.  

                              Those of you that are receiving more money now, you aren’t really receiving it.  

                               The crumbs that princess Pelosi is speaking of is a comparison to corporate CEOs money.  

                                You see in a socialist dictatorship world they feel everyone from the janitor on up should be paid the same.

                                  This is why, she said crumbs.  

                                   Like poke a anus and,O’Dumbo said that ain’t their business they didn’t build that business it belongs to the people.

                                    In a socialist society, no one owns anything.

                                    So believes “People’s Republic of China”, Cuba, N. Korea and, Russia.  

                                   This also is the belief of the United Nations Agenda 21 brain trusts.  

                                    You should know where they are coming from.



“Greetings, I’m Back”

After a short pause I needed a break from the childish tit for tat, school yard tactics, of politics.  

                  I wonder if I can talk about politics without the Democrats approval?  Ridiculous I know but, it’s getting that way.      



“Alone In The Room With A Woman”

                            Hey men, with all the sexual harassment charges going on in the country, how do you feel about being alone in a room with a woman your not married to?  

                             Well, there’s date rape.  There’s compliments that are misunderstood and, of course accidents.

                             Well, do you think dating or, life is complicated now well, it just got worse.  



“Outrageous Conviction!”

                          (Please forgive me if I get her name wrong) The piece of trash that was released from jail to kill Kate Stienly.

                          The woman for whom Kate’s law was penned after was just released again.

                          To kill again either the voters need to come to grips and, vote the pro illeagal politicians out of office or, the federal government needs to go in and, take control.

                           I hate to admit it but, if I was living in California the first thing I’d think about doing is leave.  

                           The part I’d hate to admit is, I would stay because I would realize that the pro-illeagal immigrant politicians would want me to leave.

                            This would make it easy for them to make California into Mexico 2.  



“Time To Celibrate, Liberals!”

                       Oh man Joy Behar was beside herself when she heard that ABC’s news anchor reported that General Micheal  Flynn did contact the Russians during the campaign.    

                       Oops!  Wait a minute, it was found out that General Flynn was asked to contact the Russians after the election.

                     Why was ABC news anchor Brian Ross suspended? For falsely reporting this.

                     His suspension is for three weeks.  Just call it a vacation.  

                     They call it a suspension, so it looks like they policing their news.

                      What about all the other reporters, reporting fake news?

                      This helps re-enforce the other fake news they are dishing out.  

                      All Micheal Flynn was convicted of was for lying to the FBI,  in which he was fired for from the Trump administration.



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